How to Connect and Subscribe to Youtube

The Watertown Mayer Booster Club has setup many "channels" within youtube that we will be streaming live events to. There are multiple ways to find/connect/subscribe to these channels. Within this site we have setup multiple locations that will allow for direct access to the links when they are live. There are also automated ways to be informed when one of these channels goes live.

Connect and Subscribe to our Youtube Channels

Step 1. Select one of the Watertown/Mayer youtube channels W/M youtube channels

Step 2. Login in with Gmail Credentials

Step 3. Select Subscribe (When you subscribe to a

Additional ways to connect to youtube!!

Traditional search within Youtube - Simply go to and search for sites like "Watertown Mayer Girls Soccer, Watertown Mayer Events, Watertown Mayer Wrestling, etc). Each Channel will be setup similarly like below, same image with the activity below it. If you search there may be other similar channels that other people/organizations have setup. We have tried to standardize our look and feel. Overall, the easiest way to connect is to use the links within this site and subscribe to the channels.