Streaming 101

Watertown Mayer Booster Club Streaming Setup

Here is the setup and primary components that the Watertown Mayer Booster Club uses to stream in High Definition

  1. The Camera - Panasonic capable of streaming in 4K @ 60 fps(frames per second). We choose to stream to stream at 1080p @ 60 fps. This results in an extremely high quality picture that is able to capture athletes at speed. *Camera shown below

  2. The Video Capture Device - Most laptops and computers don't have a video/audio input capabilities. We use a video/capture device that we connect a HDMI cable from the camera to this device and then pass this to an USB port on the computer allowing for the cameras live video/audio to input into the laptop. Our video capture device can handle 1080p @ 60 fps.

  3. The Laptop/Software - The club purchased a high end gaming laptop. This laptop has a large SSD storage device and graphics card with a lot of onboard RAM. On the computer we utilize Streaming Production software called VMIX. The VMIX software is what allows us to do on-screen manipulation of the stream and connect the feed to Youtbue.

  4. Streaming Service - W/M Booster Club utilizes Youtube as our streaming provider.


Camera Setup in Action